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Marketing campaing, and web development.

Icarus University

Fictional university campaing to promote critical thinking.

  • Date: 09 Jan 2022
  • Client: University of Malaga
  • Role: Campaing coordinator, web developer, and original idea.

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We are the answer, the response, the counter-offensive to the decadence and mediocrity of the Spanish university system. We are tired of this great swindle, of this disgusting machine of issuing degrees that the academy has become. Degrees largely based on false facts and manipulated by the great powers and markets. The latter only seek economic profit and flee from the love of knowledge and therefore the progress of humanity.

In today’s university, science and technology are just an excuse for those who want to maintain their status of power, their immovable chair under the protection of the Spanish faculty system. And it is in this situation where power-hungry academics do whatever it takes not to be stripped of their little reign, even if it means publishing false information, hiding failed experiments and teaching falsehoods in the worst possible way in the archaic torture called master class.

Do you recognize yourself in this situation? Are you able to see the same problem we do? Has Memorizing and Vomiting also been your maxim in your time at the university? We have decided to say enough, to cry out and stop this insane vicious circle. At ICARUS we have true knowledge-loving experts and also great connoisseurs of pedagogy to give the world a true university experience.

We are a young university but we count on an innovative system and the strength of the thousands of people who are looking for something like ICARUS and don’t know it yet. Join us, join the university of tomorrow.


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